“Bunnys cottage is a fantastic day care. The staff there are all very loving and caring. My Childs excitement and smile everytime we drop him off says everything I need to know about the kind of centre it is. For anyone who is seeking a safe loving educational fun centre this is the place to enrol.”

“I love Bunny Cottage. My daughter has a few quirks (a bit OCD when she is stressed) and they are working with her to lessen her anxieties, which we can see the results spilling over the home environment too. Which of course is awesome for the rest of the family has it’s been really hard to live with. Sharon the owner and Julie one of the long term staff are great. Bunny Cottage is like a home away from home, can’t recommend highly enough.”

“We have had both of our boys at bunny cottage since they each were approx 2.5 years. Our oldest boy had been at another day care and would come home crying most days. After only a few days at Bunny Cottage, he was more than happy to go to daycare. What an amazing turn around. Our youngest has been there 4-5 days a week since he was 2.5, and is off to big school next year after spending 3 years at “my bunny cottage” as he calls it. Sharon and her staff are an amazing team, working wonders with all of the kids in their care, and I couldn’t imagine a better place for both of our boys to begin their education. Whilst I am extremely sad that our family has now “graduated” and will no longer be attending, it makes me smile to think of all the great times my boys had there, and the fantastic start they have both received to their education. If it was possible to give a 6 star review, I would. Thanks to all at BC.”

“Six or Seven stars are actually in order here. My youngest boy has just ‘graduated’ Bunny Cottage and is now off to ‘big school’. I am so sad that Sharon and the teachers will not be a part of our daily lives anymore after 7 wonderful years with both my boys. They were nurturing, educating as well as loving to my most precious children. I am not a trusting person by nature when it comes to my children and this small, intimate centre looked after my kids like they were their own. I cannot, truly cannot recommend this Pre-School highly enough.”